Bad middle managers and oblivious upper managers at Amazon

Amazon FVpn08
Jun 11 5 Comments

Its hard to love a company if your immediate team is being ran by a manager who really wants nothing to do with your team. To make matters worse when you tell them you looking internally literally the following day you are given a PIP notice even if you had launch some pretty amazing products just the previous week and received tons of praise from customers.

It seems like this is the growing trend again at Amazon from being the worst company in 2015 to the best in 2018 and now its on its way to the bottom again. I guess they realize they weren't being cheap I mean frugal after doing mass hiring.

That being said people who were on h1b visas never spoke up and the Americans spoke up so much that middle management did not like that and made their lives a living hell, didn't matter how much work they did and successfully completed projects, so they would look elsewhere but if they mention looking internally or applied internally and manager was notified the manager would block it and really force you to leave. And keep the h1b workers since they are pretty much exploited since thats the deal with h1b visas.

It is really dirty practice Amazon does while still pretending they are the good guys. You may have wonderful team members but if your manager has it out for you... your done.

You are thrown into PIP/Pivot/Plan and given few days to decide your fate. Take the money and leave since you will be setup to fail otherwise.

Try hard to be hired as L5 otherwise you probably will never get promoted unless your very cutthroat and don't mind stabbing people in the back to get where you want to be. And the LPs are thrown around a lot but in reality not entirely followed its mostly used a excuse that people don't want to expand on. Elitism is high among the middle management because their upper management takes their word like gold, doesn't matter how badly you may rate them on the daily surveys.

If you want a fancy name on the resume sure work at Amazon and hopefully you get a good team and manager and you have been warned about their management.


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  • Cruise Automation kkkkppp
    I left. The org lacks momentum, managers lost track of reality, and incompetence prevails. Principals and seniors don't know what they're doing, while those who have no experience in the area are appointed as VPs. Especially true for R&D projects that require focus and domain experience.

    Amazon people are taught to come up with simpler versions of problems they face, and answer those questions instead. The caveat is their simplifications are almost always wrong due to lack of knowledge and willingness to learn. They run projects that need best talent, yet they don't want to put in the work to hire them. In fact, higher ups don't want to hire the best. Why? It's because they will be challenged by those who are smarter than them.

    Bar raisers mean nothing. You know we don't get the best just by putting one more person in the interview loop. Smart people don't want to work for Amazon. Those who consider decline due to low pay. Those who join get disappointed with underwhelming talent of colleagues and poorly-run projects of potentially amazing products. Smart people have options. They don't have to suck it up, so most leave even if they join.

    Amazon doesn't treat employees as a team. Managers think they are fundamentally different than those they manage. There is a psychological war between those who do work and those who manage those workers. Managers' lack of attention to details widens discrepancy of what they think is happening from what really happens. R&D projects for new products go nowhere becaused of that. Leadership lost touch of reality - especially for complicated products. Mumbo jumbo everywhere.

    Overall Amazon Engineering lack energy. Leadership Principles are used to justify their lack of passion, to hide from truth and avoid important things. Full of people who just want to "get by" everyday. No passion to solve problem. They abhore shaking the water because it means more work and reduced job security. Even when the entire product is being engineered terribly, their bias is to do nothing about it, and leadership ironically cite "bias for action" - "I'm not going to think about it. You do it" - to prevent any meaningful actions. So wrong things continue to get done, while problems grow.

    One word: mediocre
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  • New lolcano
    Which org are you referring to? My experience has been pretty positive overall. Been here 2+ years.
    Jun 11 1
    • Amazon FVpn08
      If I mention might be very obvious but again I said it’s all about your immediate team it could be good or bad.
      Jun 11
  • Apple VKjg08
    I agree most of it. Been there done that. But L4 to L5 promo is actually quite easy to achieve.
    Jun 11 0
  • Google topCon
    I hear more toxic stories about Amazon managers than good ones.

    Here's an example of the toxicity
    [Blind] Check out this post! Google keeps hiring people that don't meet my standards (Tech Lounge)
    Jun 11 0