(Bangalore)Business formals

Oracle remfs1
Apr 8 8 Comments

Does business formals exclude khakis/chinos? Only dark trousers and light shirts allowed?


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  • Google Pig Benis
    Wear a complete suit.

    Some people in India are stupid and observe how you dress during interviews.
    Apr 85
    • Apple G218d245
      Have you been living under a rock? Most interviews all over the world require you to dress formally. I am interested in knowing how you drew the conclusion that some “stupid Indian people” do it. I guess you are one of those “stupid” people.
      Apr 8
    • Google Pig Benis
      I have done all my interviews in US in tshirts, shorts and flip-flops.

      I ended up with 11 offers after I completed MS.

      In India, I had to wear a complete suit for all the interviews. In one of them (may be zs associates?), interviewer pointed out that my shirt isn't ironed well enough.
      Apr 8
    • Apple G218d245
      I am sorry, I got 13 offers after I completed MS in US. Some of those interviews required me to be wearing formals. I also cracked 4 interviews and got job offers while I was in India. I am pretty sure that you were not rejected because of your shirt my friend. Some people are just not good enough for the fierce competition in India. Landing jobs in the US is way easier. So get your head out of your ass and try to have a wider outlook.
      Apr 8
    • Google Pig Benis
      You still work for Apple though.

      Now lie about how you rejected G/FB offer. 😉

      It's a fact, interviewers in India are superficial. You won't become a patriot if you defend it. Go work for a NGO or something, if you are so patriotic and want to make a change.
      But criticizing my own country is my right and no mo**erfu**er can take that away.

      "Landing jobs in US is easy", I've heard it too many times from India teams when I was at Amazon. They know nothing about US culture and pretend to be all westernized.
      Apr 8
    • Apple G218d245
      I don’t know what college you graduated from back in India, but in my case, I got opportunities to interview with some of the best companies and I had a very different experience than you. I am sorry that you had a bad experience. I am not a patriot by any means, but I do call out misrepresented facts about India when I see them.
      Apr 8
  • Oracle / Other🧠☠️
    Why would business formals be different for Bangalore? Special concession for flip flops and floaters ?
    Apr 80
  • Uber / Eng


    Business formal is effectively a suit. Chinos/Khakis can be considered business casuals if paired with a shirt.
    Apr 80

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