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Wells Fargo qUCq64
Oct 18 2 Comments

How are Bank Analyst/Management programs viewed by other banks/firms? Is it considered desirable experience externally?


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  • Horizon Credit Union Echo55
    Professional development is viewed well, and the more relevant the better. Work experience is preferred but having tailored programs on the resume is great.
    Credit Unions constantly send staff to programs like this, and banks do as well.

    Exp: Doing IT and Analytics in Financial Space for 15 yrs.
    Oct 18 0
  • Wells Fargo krHX44
    I’ve seen a few folks move through these at Wells and they seemed to have landed pretty well in the end 💁🏻‍♀️ I would guess it would be valued exposure for marketability outside the company as well.
    Oct 24 0


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