Bank of America AVP compensation

Chase htEN21
Aug 16 7 Comments

I got an offer from BOA for a AVP position under Treasury team. Glassdoor says the average salary is ~$120k but my offer is lower than that. Did I get a low ball?

Also I have 4.5 years relevant experience. Is it enough to neogotiate for VP? HR told me AVP is the same as analyst/associate. How many years of experience do you need to become a VP at BOA?


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TOP 7 Comments
  • Facebook public2
    Years to become vp at a bank? About .25
    Aug 16 1
    • Volvo CaHK02
      No it's investment banking. VP comes after analyst and associate.
      Aug 16
  • Cerner @BigData
    AVP: Associate Vice President?

    TC for AVP just $120k, that low.
    Aug 16 1
    • Chase htEN21
      I think it means base on glassdoor. What is the average TC for AVP?
      Aug 16
  • Bank of America gmcaanon
    AVP/VP/SVP don’t drive comp as much as department, job code, and band level. What is the job and what band level?
    Aug 21 0
  • Microsoft / Eng coolbloke
    New grads start as an AVP in several finance orgs. Inflated titles
    Aug 16 0
  • Apple


    Glassdoor is really bad. AVP and VP are relatively junior so I won’t expect much.
    Aug 16 0