Barefoot networks -Intel

Juniper TargetBig
Jun 11 10 Comments

Intel acquired barefoot networks today Congratulations to all employees .. how many of you become millionaires ?


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    • Barefoot Networks hfdcvc
      So they could not get high strike price but still give retention bonus? Isn't it the worst for former employee? From another thread it seems that you are one of them!!
      Jun 13
    • Dell H1b-king
      What level were u in barefoot ? My neighbor told he made 2.5 M
      Jun 13
    • Barefoot Networks hfdcvc
      2.5m is either a founder or employee <20. No one joined last 3.5 years made good money.
      Jun 13
    • Dell H1b-king
      Ok i will catch my neighbor then for lying to me
      Jun 13
  • Dell H1b-king
    My neighbor in barefoot said he made 2.5 M
    Jun 11 3
    • Juniper TargetBig
      Quick way to make money .. acquired within 3 yrs from start
      Jun 11
    • Google Trzjdg
      What level and how many yoe he/she had and how much earlier they had joined?
      Jun 12
    • Cadence qwer09
      What's his title? Executive?

      I dont think average sw engineer there would have made much.
      Jun 24
  • New wfrJ21
    did stock preferences screw the common stock holders
    Jun 16 1
    • Barefoot Networks jehfdd
      Jun 18