Bay Area real estate

Lyft / Engpc2fcs
Jan 10

Do you think renting is better than buying home in 2019 or other way around if planning to stay long term? Which areas do you think are better to buy even if markets get corrected and Why?


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  • Financial Engines / Datafrugalguy
    Good school district and or proximity to tech gaints are good attributes. They may experience a drop but likely not as severe as other neighbor hoods. It's fine to continue to look but take your time in understanding your family needs... And make sure house fits into that. My advice would be to not get into bidding wars. It's ok to be on market for an year as prices will only go down from this point.
    Jan 100
  • eBay gcpd
    Just rent from Mee and make me rich
    Jan 100

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