Bay area landlord: take home pay to rent ratio?

Workday wfh g
Apr 12 10 Comments

What is your minimum? Hard to find tenant with take home pay 3x rent.


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  • Nvidia rosary
    What do you mean it's hard to find. Have you seen the TC numbers on blind? Maybe you need to up your marketing game or your place is just in a shitty part of town
    Apr 12 3
    • Google 1234-/:;(
      Tc includes stock and bonus. Doesnt reflect the same in pay stub after withholding taxes.
      Apr 12
    • Google 🧠fry
      Back off my TC you greedy Bay Area landlord.
      Apr 12
    • Apple


      Taxes, insurance, 401k, ESPP, you know, all those things that are supposed to show responsibility
      Apr 12
  • Facebook public2
    3x and solid credit. If younger folks get multiple and parent cosigners. Never had a problem.
    Apr 12 0
  • Salesforce VKwg47
    Thats because landlords in this city put up shit holes for $3k and think everyone will rush in. It's not 2012 anymore.
    Apr 12 1
    • Facebook public2
      Yea it's much hotter now tbh
      Apr 12
  • LinkedIn jsnewbie
    What's ur rent ?. 1 million a month?
    Apr 12 0
  • Google xorraxrax
    3x rule is commonly about gross income. With 4k rent that's 144k a year which is, like, new grad paycheck these days.
    Apr 14 0
  • New hqWe60
    lower the rent
    Apr 13 0