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New dwt3nk
Nov 8 5 Comments

Could anyone speak about what its like to be a data scientist at BCG Gamma? Im interested in their intern opportunities, but there appears to be very little info about what the being in data science consulting at BCG gamma is like. I would love to work in data science consulting and so i’m interested in hearing about what projects/industries BCG Gamma typically works on, or what the lifestyle is like in general. Any insight is appreciated!

TC - 0, I’m a current grad student who has an offer from a different consulting company


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  • Facebook Kwayvd
    I interviewed with them for DS in past - and judging by the technical level of the interviewers I would recommend if you can - try to get an offer from tech if you're interested in data science.
    Nov 9 1
    • New dwt3nk
      Yeah, the majority of my interviews have been with tech companies
      Nov 9
  • Oracle Uqnan
    Less of a mess than other data science consulting, but a mess nonetheless. Look this up on Fishbowl instead of here. And unless your other offer is also MBB, don't get too excited. Still have to get the interview and clear the bar for BCG
    Nov 8 1
    • New dwt3nk
      Of course, was just curious! And thanks, will check that out
      Nov 9
  • Bose


    Its not as good as DS at a tech company but pretty good for a RCG still. Many of their data scientists are glorified excel analysts who learnt python lol. However its a good company overall with a lot of good people
    Nov 9 0


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