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Microsoft Hyad70
Apr 7 4 Comments

As if those of us who travel frequently don't have enough to think about...good site to check and report issues.

My recommendations:

- Spray your luggage and backpack/briefcase with bedbug spray periodically

- Keep your luggage zipped and off any soft surface

- Travel with a small led flashlight and check the sheets for bugs or bug droppings


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  • Intel g3forever
    Here’s some tips.

    When you get into a room the first thing you do is set your luggage in the bathtub - don’t take off your jacket or shoes yet

    Then check the sheets and the seams on the mattress for bedbugs. They like to hide in the seam areas. Then check the luggage rack/chair and the headboard/ pillows.

    I listed places to check in order of how common it is to find them. I worked for a pest company while in college and this is how I do it at every place I stay.

    I haven’t gone to your site yet but you may want to add reports for movie theaters if you haven’t - they’re a hot spot for bedbugs.
    Apr 7 0
  • NerdWallet Nizime
    Why does this shit hijack your scroll
    Apr 7 1
    • Microsoft Hyad70
      What mobile browser are you using?
      Apr 8
  • Google uzaname
    Mate, you should aim for this website to be mobile friendly.
    Apr 7 0