Been out doing my thing, looking to get back in finance after 1.5yrs

New / Finance ASdT78
Jun 27 6 Comments

i was laid off back in feb 2018. i decided to travel, volunteer, and manage my money full time. fast forward 1.5yrs--I'm kinda bored, and want to apply. my hurdle is how to get interviews with that gap on my resume? love to get your thoughts, strategies. thanks.


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  • Capital One c1tech
    doesn’t sound like bored, admit that you are running low on funds. In any case, good for you taking time off the grind
    Jun 28 0
  • Bloomberg / IT Be a man!
    Are you independently wealthy?
    Jun 28 0
  • CIT Bank nqYs22
    Just tell them the truth
    Jun 28 0
  • PayPal gTuR87
    I’ve had stints of time on my resume and you have 2 approaches - leave the time blank and let them ask, or simply put a line item that focuses on your travel learning and more importantly your volunteer work - it will go a long way to make them not feel they have to guess.
    Jun 28 0
  • Capital One EuCn42
    I think if you left as an experienced practitioner of your craft, and are still successful at your own money management, invest in or buy some turn key or “guaranteed” successful businesses or real estate.
    Enjoy being free, unless there’s a specific type of thing you can only get satisfaction from by joining a large organization (hey, I get it, big data is bigger fun with bigger data sets, I know some of the finance stuff must have similar analogies).
    Or if it’s for needing that amount of income, see if you can do what you want to do independently, or with just applying to places you want to work, and giving all the interviews your best shot: you can explain you took a break from work if they ask about the break in work, no biggie.
    Jun 28 0
  • New dned38
    Man, I really want to take time off as well but I need to know how I can come back first..
    Jun 28 0