Best AAA Gaming company

Pocket Gems XBXO63
Jun 27 21 Comments

Which company is the best — in terms of the games they make as well as work life?

Give your reasons in the comments



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  • Riot Games .l
    Forgot Riot Games. Brilliant work life balance, culture and benefits.
    Jun 27 12
    • Riot Games V67jK
      Riot is phenomenal. Sure it’s under a lot of fire (and the “let’s unionize” folks really pouring the fuel on it and stoking the flames, trying to push “evil dictatorship” narrative), but the leadership is actually super transparent and well intentioned, and has taken serious steps to address concerns in the last few years. The people here are world class, the perks are unbelievable, the campus is amazing.
      Jun 28
    • Riot Games moople
      The people at Riot are amazing but leadership is a huge failure.
      Jun 28
    • Riot Games V67jK
      In what ways is the leadership a huge failure? That’s a pretty strong over-generalization. Someone has to be doing something right for the company to produce such successful products and attract such great talent. Every company has problems, not all leaders the same, and it really is unfair to generalize like this, IMHO. Also ... are “Leadership at Riot” not “people” then?
      Jun 28
    • Riot Games moople
      Guess we both have different opinions.
      Jun 28
    • Riot Games V67jK
      That’s ok :)
      Jun 28
    • Riot Games zzzzzzz10
      Riot is great and has very capable leadership and professionals
      Jun 28
    • Doesn't Riot also haze new employees with goofy hats and names and peer pressure people into stuff? Fuck that.
      Jun 28
    • Riot Games zzzzzzz10
      There’s a goofy hat but not so much on the hazing
      Jun 28
    • Riot Games G8ADN86R
      The thing in this thread is that people don't realize that what happened to us could happen to their company just as easily. My friend at Samsung who responded above... I wonder if they know what it's like in Seoul to work at the Chaebol's headquarters.
      Jul 3
  • Epic Games TShI12
    Epic 🙃
    Jun 29 0
  • Microsoft x0x
    How can you not include the only tier 1 company that makes AAA games? MSFT!!!!!
    Jun 27 0
  • Proactis / Eng

    Proactis Eng

    Software Test Engineer attempting to transition to iOS Engineer.
    Work life balance alone eliminates all of these companies lol
    Jun 27 0
  • Bungie


    Bungie :)
    Jun 28 0
  • Fundbox YHQf81
    CD projekt red and naughty dog
    Jun 27 2
    • New htjO15
      ND is good. Sucker Punch too.
      Jun 28
    • Those two have some of the absolute worst WLB in the industry.
      Jun 28
  • Hubspot / Eng hebtidhevh
    No Rockstar?
    Jun 27 0