Best Companies for Front End (Web) Career?

Facebook / Eng EntUser
Mar 2 8 Comments

Many of the top companies value back end (and some, mobile) engineering more than web front end engineering, especially when consumer patterns heavily favor mobile development these days. Facebook, Google, Amazon, Lyft, Uber are examples of such companies. At higher levels, it's so much harder to find impactful web front end projects to work on.

Any advice on how to continue pursuing a career in web front end? What are the best companies in this domain? Considering moving to Airbnb or Netflix next.

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TOP 8 Comments
  • Where’s Slack?
    Mar 3 0
  • Reddit nononoyes
    Facebook because of react
    Mar 2 4
    • Google / Eng td47bn
      The react team isn't that big. Facebook having react doesn't mean its good to work on frontend at Facebook and that you'll be rewarded for frontend work.
      Mar 3
    • Facebook kzweiazns
      There are a lot of good front end initiatives happening

      Would recommend op to switch teams
      Mar 3
    • Facebook / Eng EntUser
      Kzweianzs, which are referring to? Do you mean c***t?
      Mar 3
    • Airbnb Airbnb ‍
      What’s c****t?
      Apr 28
  • Who would want to work on Angular? Definitely not! And definitely not google! Google doesn’t even have a good ux team. Most front end people are robots at google who only enjoy leetcoding.

    Have been turning down all companies w Angular as their tech stack.
    Mar 3 1
    • Facebook wazzupp
      Jokes on you. Google doesnt use angular in house.
      Mar 4