Best Honda dealers in Seattle?

Amazon lwri07
Jul 4 8 Comments

Iโ€™m looking to buy Honda Insight 2019. Can someone tell what are the best Honda dealers in Seattle. Who provide good service after the purchase.


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  • Amazon
    The Baron


    The spice must flow!
    The Baronmore
    Make sure to get an extended warranty, Hondaโ€™s reliability is not what it once was.
    Jul 4 3
    • Microsoft sillyboi
      You're right. The 1.5 turbo has oil dilution issues all over.
      Jul 4
    • Amazon lwri07
      Really? I was advised against it
      Jul 7
    • Amazon
      Duke Leeto


      The spice must flow!
      Duke Leetomore
      As @sillyboi has explained, this particular model of Honda has an oil dilution issue and Honda has a bad record on their transmission reliability and longevity.

      Or buy a Toyota.
      Jul 7
  • Buy from Olympia, save tax and get a great deal.
    Jul 4 1
    • Oracle okxkem
      Tax is different there??
      Jul 15
  • Amazon solodolo
    Talk to all three dealers in the area (Seattle Bellevue and Kirkland) and get a quote. Have them beat the best quote you get. Don't go into the dealership until you have a final out-the-door price agreed upon. Do everything over phone or emails.
    Jul 4 0
  • HERE progli
    You can take tour car to any service after purchase
    Jul 4 0