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Microsoft hsumaaubx
Oct 28 6 Comments

Today one of my co-worker, I would say a work buddy(senior to me) bad mouthed me for an issue in the meeting today. In my career I have never heard anyone saying such a bad words, we both are Indian so his language was offensive to an extend of calling bad to my family too(MC South Asians will understand). I retaliated with the argument but not with bad words. This happened in front of one another person & it was a weird situation. I felt really bad because I’m sure he won’t do it any one else, because I’m junior, I looked upto him for help. I spoke to his manager and him and they both apologized and clarified.I don’t how to react to this situation, but I’m geniunely hurt by this. In past this person has made some personal comments too but I ignored it as a casual work buddy.

I’m thinking few options

1. File an HR compliant and move teams, I just can’t think I can work after creating this issue.

2. Talk to GPM/GM to find any resolution. He has anyways burnt the bridge & I don’t think I need any clarification

3. Switch team and make it clear to the GPM/GM reason for leaving.

I have a good track record in the team(irrespective of that, I think this is unacceptable)

This happened in US.


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  • Symantec GoRams
    Request to be moved to diff team. Don't waste your energy dealing with toxic team members
    Oct 28 0
  • Optum ImYourBoss
    I feel sorry for your situation, but your story could have been shared without naming a specific community.

    I also wish people working abroad knew that they don't just represent themselves but their country and be on their best possible manners.
    Oct 28 0
  • Inappropriate words were used. You confronted and apologies were issued. Be an adult, grow thick skin and move on. World isn't friendly to everyone.

    If not, you can file harrassment complaint against him. If he didn't cross legal limits, HR will give him a warning or may not even entertain the complaint and you still have to work with that person. That'll make the situation weirder.

    If you leave, all the work you've put in will go waste. Why should you lose your gains because of someone else?
    Oct 28 0
  • Cisco pulisic!!
    Option 1. Buddy, self-respect is beyond any shit in the world
    Oct 28 0
  • Amazon HUJi27
    TCP? Oh fuck I didn't read
    Oct 28 0
  • Lyft wXfl07
    The person has a bad habit, or a character defect. Don't stick around to find out which it is!
    Oct 28 0


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