Best cellular provider in the Bay

Apr 8 3 Comments

What’s the best cellular provider in the Bay? I just moved here

Tc 160


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  • Microsoft leetworld
    Verizon best coverage. I use Google fi because it's cheap and I don't need much data.
    Apr 8 0
  • Juniper Pliny Jr.
    Verizon and AT&T are comparable in the Bay Area. This is a general consensus. T-MOBILE doesn't have the bands to go thru buildings in SF like AT&T does (though their coverage is good). And forget Sprint --it's trash.

    Try Red Pocket AT&T for the cheapest plan. You'll save a lot with these guys versus the regular AT&T plan. Check the Reddit forums for more discussons on the matter.
    Apr 8 0
  • Comcast / Eng UqwT85
    xfinity mobile--jk
    Apr 8 0