Best charity work for MBA

Bloomberg AMI<GO>
Oct 15 4 Comments

I am looking to apply to top MBA programs in the span of 2 years. What are the hot causes to donate my time to?

What kind of stuff do MBA AdComs love?


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  • Amazon ___|___
    sperm if ur male eggs if ur female
    Oct 15 1
    • Bloomberg AMI<GO>
      Uhm, don't think that's what MBA AdComs want to hear
      Oct 15
  • Bloomberg ToLCorNot
    That’s the sad state of the nonprofits today. People work there just because it looks great on their bio but don’t really care for the cause. Lot of charities have hard time managing these temp workers as it takes work to assign someone work
    Oct 17 0
  • Credit Karma iopsifnr
    Oct 15 0


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