Best chiropractor in Seattle for cheap takes Aetna

Amazon bycfly
Nov 14, 2018 5 Comments

Best chiropractor and list your experience with them.

How about massage guys? Neck massage? I could use a good thai massage for my neck


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  • Microsoft DOyu71
    Many chiropractors are a scam. Spinal manipulations can be incredibly dangerous especially for those with neck issues. Chriporactic manipulation is one of the leading causes of vertebral artery dissection which can kill you.

    One of my favorite stories was after my dad had a stroke, he went to a chiropractor for a stiff back. He had developed an ulcer from taking the blood thinning medication. He mentioned it to the chiropractor who told him "yeah we can fix that too, we just need to do these other manipulations so we need to start seeing you 2x/week". That was my dad's last visit.

    I personally think pt is a much better for addressing these kinds of issues.
    Nov 15, 20180
  • Amazon / EngjNeo42
    One year ago I chose a physical therapist instead. So very glad I did, because strength exercises have helped my lower back and neck problems. A chiropractor alone won’t help you get stronger, and will try to get you addicted to spinal manipulations. I would think that these manipulations might degrade cartilage and encourage facet joint hypertrophy (which could then cause arthritis). I tried chiro just for fun in my late 20s, I didn’t have any serious problems. The thing I remember most was the “doctor” knew (off the top of his head) more about my insurance plan than I did — these people are insurance mills. I also remember how horrible my first manipulation sounded — I think I went back a few more months just because my deductible was met (again, the doctor knew right away how I’d meet it). That was 20 years ago, the thought of a “manipulation” (both mental and physical) by one of these quacks is now absolutely horrifying to me. Back problems occur for these reasons: herniated discs, facet hypertrophy, spondylosis (arthritis), degenerative disc disease, stenosis, and weakened core muscles. Forcing your vertebrae to slide around won’t help any of these! It especially won’t help you with the last item on the list: the weakening of your core muscles can absolutely crush you. When I turned 46 those muscles decided not to stay strong on their own any longer, I have to do exercises every single morning now to keep those problems at bay. Trust me, this will suddenly slam you, and a doctor trying to twist you around won’t make up for decreased strength in the dead center of your body.
    Nov 15, 20180
  • Amazon bycfly
    How about massage guys? Neck massage? I could use a good thai massage for my neck
    Nov 15, 20181
    • Microsoft DOyu71
      If you have a qualifying medical condition (which probably isnt very hard to get disgnosed) you can go to pt. A significant part of the therapy for my neck issues was massage.
      Nov 15, 2018
  • Amazon / Engsos567
    Best and cheap doesn't go together
    Nov 14, 20180

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