Best cities in Southern California for tech jobs?

New / IT mmiictmrr
Jul 18 9 Comments

Looking for recommendations of good tech cities in SoCa (LA/Orange County) with family-friendly vibe. Of what I could research, most of them are in Orange County... Irvine seems a good one.

LA locals could help please?



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  • Hulu 1234jam
    Can you give an example, or more description, of what you mean by family friendly? I know Socal pretty well and happy to help but need more info.
    Jul 18 3
    • New / IT mmiictmrr
      I have two daughters (6yrs old and 6mo old) and I’m looking for not too crowd cities you know? Hard to explain, but more parks, more kids attractions... less bars, homeless, drugs etc
      Jul 18
    • Amazon amazons
      Irvine sounds like the place. Try Amazon or Google offices there.
      Jul 18
    • Hulu 1234jam
      Sounds like you may be better suited for OC or SD. In OC, the tech companies are mostly around Irvine, as others are pointing out. There's Amazon and Google and a fair amount of health/biomed, tech consulting, electrical engineering, etc.

      In the LA area, you would probably like it best in a more suburban area. The valley can be OK like Sherman Oaks, Pasadena is more cultured, you can be further away in Thousand Oaks, or in the South Bay like Mangattan Beach.
      Jul 19
  • Thales xxXW73
    Tech presence in OC is small, what is there is based around Irvine. Much more opportunities around the west-LA area.
    Jul 19 0
  • Intel / Other seabay
    LA itself is a city
    Jul 18 2
    • New / IT mmiictmrr
      You got the point, but I’m editing it to SoCa
      Jul 18
    • eBay


      Why did you click on me 😡
      Jul 18
  • Intel hXxL76
    Playa Vista
    Jul 18 0