Best companie to grow your career in hardware?

Intel e5Tmo7
Jun 24 5 Comments

Currently feeling unfulfilled and stuck at intel -- wondering what companies are the best for growing your career within HW disciplines?


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  • Microsoft Vbsm66
    Google or Microsoft
    Jun 24 0
  • Silicon Laboratories analogIC
    Silicon labs
    Jun 27 0
  • Uber dBag
    Barefoot Networks.
    Jun 25 0
  • Indeed / Eng indeeedd
    I have friend that were on Intel (in your same situation), leetcoded for some months and went to google. They do not regret it at all, they really dislike Intel.
    Jun 24 0
  • Microsoft Vbsm66
    Intel is a disaster for anyone working in hardware. They take promising talent and then ruin them by making them work on the same things over and over again. After 5 to 10 years of this, your career will be ruined because you will not have developed any new skills and you'll be similar to a new hire while demanding senior pay. I know this because I've interviewed many people from Intel. Leave asap for a better company with higher pay and more interesting work.
    Jun 24 0