Best companies for Sales Engineers?

New XPKJ24
Jun 14 7 Comments

I've been working as an engineer for 10 years across a lot of the big companies (MSFT, ADBE, GOOG). I'm tired of the grind of engineering and sales engineering sounds like a pretty sweet gig all things considered. More interesting people, decent pay, travel, not as mentally draining, etc. The role seems more sustainable in the long run and better matches my personality anyhow.

What companies should I target for SE roles in terms of TC, lifestyle, (possibly remote?). I applied to GitHub via their website but without a referral I'm not sure of how likely it is I'd receive a callback.


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  • Sales engineering involves dealing with clientsโ€™ fucked up programs and angry execs lmao
    Jun 14 1
    • New XPKJ24
      I'm fine with that. I just am tired of grinding out code, doing code reviews, writing unit tests, etc. I'd rather fly around, talk with clients solve things at a high level and move on.
      Jun 14
  • Microsoft


    Oracle, Axway
    Why do you think sales engineering will be less mentally draining? It's pretty dynamic and all the random switching from topic to topic and customer to customer can be extremely draining
    Jun 14 0
  • Dropbox drl/
    Send me a DM. Have an opportunity.
    Jun 15 2
    • Northrop Grumman HowCouldYu
      Jul 8
    • Any opportunities for SDR / Entry level sales at Dropbox?
      Oct 2
  • Salesforce DREAMkid

    The name ring bells?
    Jun 14 0