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Google thjdet
Nov 12 1 Comment

Research scientist at Amazon right now. Are there good opportunities in India in the data science / operations research domain? I did my MTech in operations research from IIT >5 years back. I had a pretty bad experience -

At that time no company valued the field - Google offered strategist role, Deloitte offered business analyst role, ended up joining Google but team was crappy (trust and safety) and I specifically remember my manager saying "ye hamara star sirf plus minus karta hai (sarcasm)" (translation: Our star performer does plus minus) referring to my optimization models in team meets. Felt bad, left the job got a PhD in US.

Anyway, is there change? ie. are people from Indian stastical institute or Industrial engineering MTech/PhD paid well and respected in India?


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  • Siemens / R&D kewlkid
    Possibly respected more, but not so sure about better opportunities. In a similar situation, curious if something has changed.
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