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Best engineering all hands meetings?

Nextdoor CCUu52
Jan 8

Hi everyone - curious to hear who has great all hands meetings for engineering and what makes it great. What formats work well, what doesn’t etc?

For example we meet as an engineering org every two weeks and call out great individual efforts, look at stats like uptime etc, and then allow for a few short announcement-esque presentations (3-5 min).

Wondering what other places do and what do you do to keep things fresh and valuable?


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  • Twitter 🐒。
    90% of all meetings are a waste of time.
    Jan 80
  • rewardStyle gVWr27
    We do an “Engineering Showcase” every two weeks, and each engineering team demos what they worked on during the previous 2 weeks. All stakeholders are invited, but only Product shows up.

    We fucking hate it.
    Jan 83
    • Twitter 🐒。
      Cuz no one really cares what other engineers did. They only care about what they did. Everyone acts in self interest.
      Jan 8
    • Nextdoor CCUu52
      Yeah - demo meetings I find usually no one pays attention, other than the people who worked on what is being demoed
      Jan 8
    • rewardStyle gVWr27
      Not to mention that it’s a symptom of micromanagement. Our VP of Product doesn’t want to attend every teams sprint retros, so this is more convenient for him. But he has 2 directors under him, and why can’t they keep him updated? Our stakeholders stopped attending because they don’t have time to sit through a 2 hour meeting every week.
      Jan 9
  • Oracle ypoint
    Live ones, where you ask unscripted questions and grill execs. That builds respect and trust.
    Jan 80

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