Best location to interview for Google SRE-SWE

Amazon Amazoninan
May 29 8 Comments

I was approached by a Google recruiter they want me to interview again for Google SRE position. I would like to work in Zurich, but now I’m located in Toronto. I have 3 locations to choose from for an upcoming onsite: New York, Dublin or Zurich. I understand that level of interviews slightly differ from place to place. What should I choose?


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  • Dell LUHV04
    Curious - how did you know that level of interviews differ based on location ?
    May 29 7
    • Google / Eng hоcuspocus
      It's just random luck, don't read too much into it. The bar is supposed to be the same everywhere, pool of Interview questions is the same too

      It might in borderline cases depend somewhat on team match and hiring org, I hear cloud's hiring like crazy. But I don't think interview location is a big factor. Interviewers just collect signals and write feedback for HC, nothing more

      Since you want to work in Zurich, go there, stay for a few days and see if you like it. It's a really boring city.
      May 29
    • Dell LUHV04
      Couple of questions-

      1) you said there is a pool of questions

      Is it necessary for the google interviewer to pick from he pool ?

      2) when you say google cloud is hiring like crazy - does it mean it’s easier to get in google cloud ?
      May 29
    • Amazon Amazoninan
      Thanks, I know the city is boring, I have been there twice. What matters for me the most is skiing. I also used to run there in the mountains and all this just walking distance away from the city. In Dublin there is going to be some kind of a bootcamp and a hiring event and I thought it would be the easiest way to get in.
      May 29
    • Google / Eng hоcuspocus

      1) Most people are lazy and just pick from the shared pool. HCs mark banned questions there, one is supposed to check for that so it's safer and more convenient to stick to the pool. Some make up their own questions, it's totally up to interviewer

      2) yes that was my impression
      May 29
    • Dell LUHV04
      Thank you hocus pocus
      May 30