Best national Park in USA

Facebook Haggle
Apr 22 17 Comments

What’s your favorite? I’ve visited a couple like Yosemite and interested in seeing Zion, Yellowstone, glacier, etc



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  • Morgan Stanley ninja007
    Been to all of them - Yellowstone, no brainer
    Apr 22 7
    • Facebook Haggle
      Curious why?
      I haven’t been since I was really young and I only remember that there were a lot of Buffalo
      Apr 22
    • Microsoft big G
      Bison. Those are mfing bisons.
      Apr 22
    • SAP Blague
      Moo moo mudderfuquers
      Apr 22
    • Facebook Haggle
      There is no difference between bison vs Buffalo. Different words for same animal.
      Apr 22
    • Intel Who.Dis
      Yellowstone is the national park you visit if you intend to drive in your car for the day bouncing from one view to the next.

      If you want to park once and go outside for a hike or camp, choose parks in southern Utah (Zion, canyonlands, etc.)
      Apr 22
    • Morgan Stanley ninja007
      The variety of things you can do there and the natural landscape is the most diverse - the geysers, some wildlife (the most you’ll see in the US), hikes , vistas around the snake river and the ease of driving around. The only downside is too many people at times.

      Zion is really good too - but most other parks offer 1-2 things, YS has a lot to offer.
      Apr 22
    • Morgan Stanley ninja007
      Also - Grand Canyon is seriously overhyped. Most people are underwhelmed with it.

      And YS and Grand Teton - are mostly covered together.
      Apr 22
  • MathWorks why me?
    The thing is all these national parks have different things to offer. I wouldn’t be able to pick one. Each one offers different adventure.
    Apr 22 2
  • Google mcml
    Close call for me, but probably Denali. Yellowstone is amazing too, but it just has too many people.
    Apr 22 0
  • Nvidia monolith
    Canyonlands national park.
    Apr 22 1
    • Cadence tigerk
      This is also my favorite
      Apr 22
  • FreeWheel / Eng ootoya
    My fav is Antelope Canyon but it’s not an NP... if I have to pick a favorite in US (I’ve been to 15) id pick Smoky, where I learnt driving
    Apr 23 0
  • Dropbox DBX Boss
    Glacier is absolutely beautiful
    Apr 22 0
  • Integral Development Corp. / Eng

    Integral Development Corp. Eng

    Lassen np, Kings canyon np, pinnacles np, Yosemite np, Yellowstone np
    Apr 22 0