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What is the best way to land interview calls (i.e., get past the resume screening step)? Even if experience and skills may be a good match as per job descriptions, one may not get a call for interview. What, in your experience, should be done to get calls?

Is it arranging a referral? Or hunting down the recruiter/hiring manager on LinkedIn? Something else?

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  • Amazon wDaz75
    From a hiring manager perspective when looking at resumes:

    1 page
    match skills/experience with job description
    qualify/quantify your bullets with numbers
    no dumb shit like “extremely motivated to learn and very fast learner” (just the facts please)
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  • Amazon wDaz75
    Bold is a good way to attract the eyes, but if the first few are arbitrary or random bolds (example: bolding JavaScript for a backend position), then it can work against you. If bolding directs eyes to relevant keywords that are also in the job posting, it can help out a good amount
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    • New / Data uJTc23
      Thank you!
      Oct 27
  • New / Data uJTc23
    How do you think about bolding the keywords on resume? Section headers are already bold
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  • Yelp dubwubwub
    agreed with @wDaz75. Optimize your resume skills section for a 15-second browse. You could be getting past automatic screens but your resume may look too confusing for a human to bother reading the whole thing.

    There's useful guides online that have good formatting recommendations like this:
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