Best team with transferable skills to hedge funds?

Microsoft recy
Jul 13 2 Comments

Wondering what sort of teams have the most transferable skill sets to working at a hedge fund like HFT down the road. Not thinking about quant/ml stuff, but more from an infrastructure perspective.

HFT focus a lot on ultra low latency trades etc, what team is closest to that in FAANG? Especially at Amazon?

Kinesis? SQS? Linux? ec2? Load balancer teams?


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  • Susquehanna International / Eng Kristaps11
    Database, CDN, VM and OS teams. AWS Cloudfront was interested in me because of skillset overlap.
    Jul 13 0
  • Goldman Sachs fake engineer
    Hedge funds usually aren't that focused on low latency, HFT != Hedge fund...

    Usually, infrastructure at hedge funds is not a great place to be. A lot of big funds underinvest in that area, though I'm sure Citadel and Two Sigma have plenty of positions that can pay well. HFT shops on the other hand rely on that to make money so they'll always pay up.

    Casually browsing job listings you can see that they hire specialized people with FPGA or GPU experience, and the interviews want you to demonstrate deep C++ knowledge.
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