Best time to undergo surgery?

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Mar 2 9 Comments

Due to certain health conditions, I have to undergo surgery which is pretty major with recovery time of ~3-4 weeks.

I will also be beginning a new job around the same time. Should I ask my employer if I can move my start date back? However, I will not be able to use insurance if I do this—and the surgery will probably burn through most of my savings. Otherwise, I can take time off right away for a week, and then possibly work remotely for another 2 weeks, but I am worried this will piss off my new team/manager. Or, I can wait a year or so and do this, but my condition will cause me some distress. What should I do?



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  • Zulily blgb55
    You could have complications from surgery that are covered by insurance. In some cases it takes 30-90 days to get insurance at a new job. You would be crazy to have surgery with no coverage. If the surgeon does something wrong and you go to ICU it could cost $100k per day to keep you alive. US hospitals dump patients out on the street in wheelchairs all of the time. If possible I would stay with current employer and use FMLA and any disability insurance. A 3 week recovery time could turn into a 3 month recovery time.
    Mar 22
    • Oracle / Datalearn2sort
      Don't know about "dump patients in the street," but yes, you need the coverage. Unless it's a startup, any half decent manager will be understanding. Not happy, but understanding. Your work will be affected since it'll clash with onboarding (more difficult remote), but it's the only humane option
      Mar 2
    • Zulily blgb55
      They will totally dump you in the street. No money, no insurance, no prognosis. It's literally called patient dumping. Welcome to America.
      Mar 4
  • Microsoft Darth G
    Get the op while employed at your old job before you quit!
    Mar 20
  • Facebook MPKBldng1
    You can also do it over the holidays to try to maximize time off
    Mar 21
    • Amazon / EngfHUg57
      Holidays? You mean those that come in December? That's like 2 extra days off
      Mar 2
  • / Eng


    A coder dreams of working in FLG everyday
    I experienced similarly before. My case was even worse than yours. I left my previous job and I got hurt on the day before the start date of my new job!!! Exactly one day before that!!! :( My surgery was major and I told my new manager ahead of time. He was pretty nice and told me to focus on recovery first.

    For insurance, not sure if you heard about Cobra? If no, you should go and check it out. That is a company specifically targets to cover the grace period in between two jobs by extending the insurance from the old company (meaning you can continue using it with the same coverage). I went through Some medical processes on the same day of injury, and those were all covered by Cobra.

    The actual procedure happened after I joined the new company. And my surgery could be covered by my new insurance in the new company. But due to my old insurance was still in effective, I used the old one for everything together. (If you have already paid full amount of deductible, extension is definitely a better choice).

    You should definitely tell your new boss about it. And no matter how serious your injury and surgery are, I don’t think a good boss or company would say a direct no to your request because of that. There should always a way to work out this properly.

    Good luck!
    Mar 20
  • Tableau Zero Cool
    Wait a couple of months + inform your new manager
    Mar 20
  • eBay


    Why did you click on me 😡
    February is the best month
    Mar 20

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