Better TC/benefits: Uber vs. Stripe?

Amazon woxnden
Apr 30 10 Comments

Title says it all.

TC: 375k yoe:12


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  • Stripe has no plans of going public .. there valuation took a hit after PP bought Braintree. still a decent company to work for but Uber will easily win in TC for the next 4 yrs.
    Apr 30 2
    • New vvo
      No immediate plans it seems but heard they had stock buy back programs so there’s some liquidity. They’re at 22.5B in their recent valuation; I think they’re doing fine. seems paint a fairly generous picture.
      Apr 30
    • Facebook gd5wv9
      Not sure I follow regarding the big hit in valuation. PP bought Braintree in September 2013. Stripe valuation grew from 1.75B to 22.5B since...
      May 1
  • New / Eng eclectic
    TC wise:
    Uber > Cruise > Stripe
    Apr 30 1
    • Amazon woxnden
      All 3 of these companies can be flexible with TC, meaning that although Stripe may not go public in the next few years but still came offer enough cash to make someone whole (aka me coming from Amazon). At least, that is my assumption so if anyone from @stripe knows otherwise, would be great intel
      Apr 30
  • Affirm dodofan
    Stripe is an incredible engg team too. You won't make a mistake either way. Go with your gut.
    Apr 30 0
  • Do you guys think Cruise will go anywhere soon ?
    Apr 30 0
  • Amazon woxnden
    How about Cruise Automation versus these two?
    Apr 30 0
  • Stripe paper money Vs Uber public RSUs... tough choice 🤑
    Apr 30 0
  • Flipkart / Eng silentass
    What? In what regard?
    Apr 30 0