Bezos divorce.

Apple niceman
Jan 9 18 Comments

Do you think bezos has a pre-nup or post-nup?

How much he is giving to his wife? I am super wondering.


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  • Collective Health makeMeKing
    It’s really fucked up that the wife gets half. I understand she should get money but there’s really no reason why she should get more than say 10%.
    Jan 9 10
    • Collective Health makeMeKing
      UGe if they joined all accounts then I 100% agree she should get half. I am married and I have joined all accounts with my wife. If I get a divorce then I will happily give her half. I am speaking more in a broader sense of a married couple having separate accounts and the woman takes half for no other reason than the fact that she was married. Does she deserve money if she sacrificed a career for taking care of kids? Yes of course but how in the world do you argue that if she had her own career she would have $50 bil doesn’t make sense.
      Jan 9
    • Autodesk / Eng Vjvcjko
      😀people like you who thinks jeff bezos deserves all the credit for building the company over the course of many years leaning in on each other for decision making is what makes it an equal partnership not bank accounts, i am sure they both together were really smart to make Amazon happen
      Jan 9
    • Microsoft TheNoid
      How do we know she wasn’t really the brains behind the operation?
      Jan 9
    • Microsoft Dealmein👍
      Being married and having separate accounts in WA state does not matter. It's still a 50/50 if all the money earned was while you were together in the marriage. If you had separate money when you entered then you better put that in an iron clad prenup. But otherwise this is a community property divorce state.
      Jan 9
    • Twitter Oomnj
      Hopefully his lawyers are smart. Knowing his public persona, seems likely she is getting half.
      Jan 9
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    • Microsoft Dealmein👍
      It's still a no fault state. She won't get more just because he cheated, if he did. According to the news I saw tonight it seems they are both OK with the divorce.
      Jan 9
    • BlackBerry


      Putin is my bitch
      It’s just good PR.
      She’ll get half regardless
      Jan 9
  • Microsoft Dealmein👍
    Doesn't matter if he does. She can claim things are not fair financially and a judge can rule the pre nup inadmissible and invalid.
    Jan 9 0
  • Mixpanel xYMh86
    Dude wonder what jeff Holden at uber did in his divorce
    Jan 9 1
  • Uber 8bithit
    what I wouldn't give to be that news anchor amazon employees take it up the ass on the daily and only get breadcrumbs in comparison to what she'll get
    Jan 9 0