Big and Small sized companies in east side

Expedia egecp6227
Jun 21 17 Comments

What are some of the good software companies (work and compensation) in Bellevue/Redmond/Kirkland?

My list so far:
1. Microsoft
2. Amazon
3. Expedia
4. Oracle
5. Concur
6. VMWare
7. Salesforce
8. UIPath


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TOP 17 Comments
  • Snapchat hss
    UiPath is the only new hot unicorn in the list, I’d target them if wanted something big
    Jul 3 2
    • Google engg1
      Have you interviewed there?
      Jul 4
    • Microsoft adios2019
      +1 for UIpath. Great opportunity to make big money with stable investment. They have a plan to go for IPO near future. No 1 player. Better interview now as spots are filling up quickly it seems. I failed the interview but it looks like a promising company. Great free travel to its Czech office.
      Jul 4
  • Amazon alsvdoh
    Oracle is in Seattle. I don't think they have office in the Eastside.
    Google, FB have offices in Kirkland and Bellevue.
    Jun 21 7
    • Expedia egecp6227
      411 108th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004
      Jun 21
    • Microsoft interviner
      I literally met my former colleague at the nearby restaurant in Bellevue. He said he works for Oracle near Expedia building. I could also see the sign.
      Jun 21
    • Amazon alsvdoh
      Thanks didn't know that. Is it OCI? I have an offer from OCI, but I hate Seattle downtown. I prefer to work in Bellevue.
      Jun 21
    • Microsoft interviner
      Yup OCI
      Jun 21
    • UiPath oHUz28
      I worked at Oracle in Bellevue. They have 3 floors. Some sales, some consulting, and some OCI.
      Jul 18
  • Cisco BoomBlues
    East side of Seattle?????
    Jun 21 1
  • Microsoft bolton
    Jun 22 0
  • Microsoft interviner
    Cruise automation. Niantic. Alibaba. Baidu. Tencent. Apptio.
    Jun 21 0
  • Microsoft Redmond_
    Snowflake computing, awesome culture, pre-IPO. Downtown Bellevue.

    Jun 21 0
  • T-Mobile tmsp
    9. T-MOBILE
    Jun 21 0