Binance to stop serving US traders

New .ly
Jun 18 10 Comments

Anyone have any pointers or knowledge on this?

And what exchanges do you prefer over binance?


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  • Google Karam2
    What happens to our coins then?
    Jun 18 5
    • Salesforce Go-diva
      They will remain accessible but probably only for a limited time. Transfer them to a cold wallet or to another exchange.
      Jun 18
    • Adobe mercury10
      Lol, why would you leave coins in binance?
      Jun 18
    • Goldman Sachs fake engineer
      There is actually a good reason to leave money on the exchange, which is that if the exchange sees lots of deposits coming in, they might try to front run their own customers.

      Wild speculation, but I don't see why unregulated exchanges would not be giving up that easy money. Coinbase employees were caught doing it a few years ago.
      Jun 18
    • Adobe mercury10
      Idk, remember mtgox? Better safe than sorry imo.
      Jun 18
    • Uber / Eng

      Uber Eng

      It’s okay to somewhat trust binance check out binance’s SAFU
      Jul 19
  • Cisco


    Red Hat
    You have 3 month time to withdraw ur coin or tokens. Also CZ (binance CEO) mentioned that after 3 months you wont be able to trade but you still can access the wallet and withdraw your funds.
    Jun 18 1
    • New .ly
      If I plan to not trade them for some time, do you happen to know if I can just leave them be?
      Jun 18
  • New .ly
    ^bang bang
    Jun 18 0


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