Bitcoin holders, at what BTC price would you be a millionaire?

New qertzcv
May 14 6 Comments

Questions for BTC holders.



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  • Google smellypoop
    My Bitcoin history
    Bought $1100 , sold at 15000
    Bought $18000 sold at 16000
    Moved to tether and dormant for a year
    Bought at 3500 and waiting for fomo gang to kick in.
    May 143
    • Uber himu00
      They already kicked in...
      May 14
    • Google smellypoop
      Not yet. I follow hundreds of forums and channels on telegram, Reddit, slack and discord. People start posting charts of how much their crypto worth is. That's when you know this shite has reached full penetration.

      Right now, " the number of people online" in these forums have doubled and people posting questions on how long's it's taking each other to transfer their bitcoins to binance. This is just starting.
      May 14
    • Oracle / Engaham
      ^^ please keep Blind informed :p
      May 14
  • Amazon stega
    I'm already a millionaire but I don't own any crypto
    May 140
  • Verizon / EngComTruis3
    Two more months and lift off!
    May 140

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