Symantec dq.n.pb
Jun 29 14 Comments

Did anyone trade Bitcoin recently?


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  • Tesla InmR60
    I bought at 13.5k the other day and sold when it dropped to 10.5k
    Jun 29 3
    • New / Consultant

      New Consultant

      Early 20s consultant for automotive and other CAD/CAM automation. Specialized in CATIA and Powermill. currently consulting for EPP Foam, and SPC Fixture design.
      Buy high sell low
      Jun 29
    • Google yellowshit
      Still Better than buying Tesla at 350 and selling at 180
      Jun 29
    • Tesla InmR60
      I joined at 350 :)
      Jun 29
  • Google yellowshit
    Yeah. Got in at 4500. Sold that shit at 12000.
    Jun 29 1
  • Microsoft MereDork
    Jun 29 0
  • New / Finance plsfixthx
    Yeah earned 20% on bitcoin :)
    Jun 29 2
    • Symantec dq.n.pb
      When did you buy and sell?
      Jun 29
    • New / Finance plsfixthx
      All in June
      Jun 29
  • Hertz NewH
    I have $4000 of all bitcoins available in Coinbase. I bought after the first crash. Going well so far.
    Jun 29 0
  • Google uzaname
    I have a small portfolio (under 10% of my assets) in taxable that consists of BTC, ETH and Gold ETF. I treat it as anty-cyclical gamble
    Jun 29 0
  • PayPal geesdghhh
    Bought litecoin at 30, sold at 120...good return
    Jun 29 0


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