Black Friday

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Nov 23

Don’t see any awesome discounts out there, I just feel like buying something but then don’t see anything great steal deal out there, makes me think Black Friday ain’t the season where shoppers get maximum for their buck, thoughts ?


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    Phones and tablets have good discounts though. $200 off pixel 3 and $300 off iPhone XS Max
    Nov 232
    • Amazon / ProductQorduka
      Where for iPhone
      Nov 23
    • Facebook FaceSmash
      Everywhere - just google it. Walmart, AT&T etc
      Nov 23
  • Yeah it is stupid Friday
    Nov 230
  • Home audio has good deals
    Nov 231
  • Facebook acurious
    Yeah where ? I am looking for a nice sound bar Bose never goes on sale ?
    Nov 230

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