BlackRock Aladdin Product Group

New adjkfie
Apr 7 6 Comments

I have an onsite interview with them coming up. I was wondering if they’re worth working and what are the pros and cons? I guess I’m looking for a role to just chill in where I don’t have to worry about layoffs etc. Also career growth would be nice are they good about promoting internally? (they haven’t mentioned tc yet)

tc: 85k


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Microsoft NullData
    Probably not the best place to chill out. They're demanding.
    Apr 7 0
  • New adjkfie
    I mean like at a much lower than high tc lol
    Apr 9 3
    • What's high?
      Apr 10
    • New adjkfie
      Like I’m not expecting google tc more like 130k-140 for senior and chill there
      Apr 10
    • Okok, best of luck
      Apr 10
  • You want to chill, have good job security and get promoted? Nice
    Apr 9 0