Bleh. How do I even begin to find a new job?

Workday AQBj34
Mar 29 9 Comments

TC: $130
YoE: 4 years

I’m vastly underpaid, and I haven’t learned anything valuable (thanks Workday!). I’ve been grinding out LC and I’m pretty decent at it, but I absolutely fold once they start asking about System Design or like real engineering challenges on the job (Workday uses a GUI based programming language that abstracts away 80% of development). I just haven’t learned anything enough to be considered for senior roles.

It’s so incredibly frustrating and demoralizing. I don’t hate coding, but it feels like a chore when I’m starting from the bottom when I should know much more by now.


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TOP 9 Comments
  • Amadeus Trick2g
    Start from the basics. Buy the course grokking the system design interview at Study slowly and keep an even pace and you should feel more confident after 2-3 months.
    Mar 29 0
  • Uber ihnfhijj
    Work on platform team at workday
    Mar 29 0
  • Workday f56zh5
    Are you in the right team ? Join the OMS, ML, Data or other Tools team and there is so much to learn at Workday.
    Mar 30 1
    • Workday AQBj34
      I’ve been looking but I think that ship has sailed. I’m only P2 still and I feel like that looks bad to other teams
      Mar 30
  • Micro Focus pqx9
    I just had an onsite at workday for an SDE position, and am wondering why you didn’t learn anything there? I heard they’re trying to move away from the propriety tech stack, is this true?
    Mar 29 1
    • Workday AQBj34
      Application developers are just moving to a different flavor of propriety tech
      Mar 29
  • Oracle / Eng donedeal
    I would suggest read how workday system is designed. Then start reading about how they handle server side cashing, paging, load balancing. That will give you confidence by knowing how things work in your company. Then do system design course on totally worth of $80.
    Also, know this competitive programming is totally different than what you do at the job on daily basis. So, don’t feel like you know nothing, look towards leetcode like you want to learn and be good at competitive programming.
    Mar 29 1
    • Barclays PLC FAANGHNTER
      I second that . I used to design my own application from scratch by looking at the existing systems at work. It really helps.
      Mar 29
  • New YKQi13
    $130k for 4yoe isn't bad. It took me 6 years to reach there
    Mar 29 0


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