Blind MAU/DAU?

Airbnb / OtherYtrewqqq
Jul 29, 2018 8 Comments

What do you think are Blind’s mau/dau? Does blind even have 1 million users? How can this sustain any kind of business?


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Facebook / EngLeo Messi
    My estimate. Dau 0.02mil mau 0.1mil
    Jul 29, 20182
    • Airbnb / OtherYtrewqqq
      This doesn’t seem like it’s enough to sustain any kind of business
      Jul 29, 2018
    • Facebook / EngLeo Messi
      Well blind is pretty light eight. I think a single dB instance plus some mid tier is enough.
      Jul 30, 2018
  • Amazon Planck
    Revenue model - sell info on disloyal employees back to company HR.
    Jul 29, 20181
    • Facebook CameBack
      They can do that only once :)
      Jul 29, 2018
  • Facebook / EngKya
    Not sustainable
    Jul 29, 20180
  • Facebook / EngKya
    I don’t know how they can do ads coz that requires tracking people across different platforms which is completely opposite to blind philosophy. Hard to come up with right revenue model, too.
    Jul 29, 20180
  • Facebook / EngKya
    They are not hiring
    Jul 29, 20180

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