Blink health or Uipath (or stay at Amazon)

Amazon stiv6547
Aug 1 31 Comments

I am having to decide between these two and I would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions regarding this, esp. because Blink health is an earlier stage startup compared to Uipath and hence carries more risk. My risk tolerance is high but what I want to understand is which one carries a better risk vs reward profile.

Both offers are for the Greater Seattle area.

Blink health
Title: Sr.SDE
Base: 175K
Sign on - 50K first year, 25K second year
Stock options: 5000 options currently valued at $39 each (but soon to become $100 after the next funding round, as informed by recruiter)
Vesting schedule - over 4 yrs
TLDR TC over 4 yrs: cash($225K, 200K, 175K ,175K) stock option(125K, 125K, 125K, 125K)

Title: SDE II
Base: 160K
Signon: 30K for the first year
Bonus: avg 20% of base = 32K
Stock: $250K worth at current valuation
Vesting schedule - Starts vesting every month after the first year, over 3 years
TLDR TC: cash($222K, 192K, 192K ,192K) rsu worth(0, 83K, 83K, 83K)

L5 SDE at Amazon
TC: $228K
Yoe: 6 yrs (after masters)


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  • There is no way blink health will IPO at $100 a share. Go look at recent IPOs and make your own assumptions. I’d value your equity $20-50 a share tops.
    Aug 1 19
    • Amazon stiv6547
      @LLop You might very well be correct. Could you explain how you are arriving at that conclusion? Doesnt it all depend on the number of outstanding shares? I am not compromising on cash for stock upside. At this point I just want to have realistic expectations. This is the first time dealing with private stock, so my math/avg case scenario could be wrong.

      And congrats on making millions ! :)
      Aug 4
    • Amazon coderX
      @LLOP76, congrats on making it big... Curious, how do you do you pre-IPO market research? Would you be open to share some of the insights on how you valued Blink?

      Thanks a ton in advance.
      Aug 4
    • Jet LLOP76
      Outstanding shares is one of those crazy things people chase. I’d create a spreadsheet of recent IPOs in the market to estimate low mid top for the sector. For example if you work in ride hailing you have good detail on lyft and uber. Are there companies that are rocket ship outliers? Certainly - Beyond Meat is one of them. Square another. They do happen. By and large that value is created once the firm is public and is proven to have a wide moat or cult driven tail wind.

      While it could be possible Blink will be worth $100 a share. I’ve heard that same story from too many startups trying to sell talent. If the round isn’t closed you can’t positively forecast the impact to price and shares. Most firms also fail to disclose any preferences which will impact the price of common. Preferences including leverage against proceeds for preferred shares which can make the pie for common very small.

      Realistically not many millionaires are made when startups sell. Many thousandaires are though. May the odds be in your favor for the former.
      Aug 4
    • Blink Health pyjavatme
      @LLOP76 I get what you’re saying about IPO and I know that’s the focus of what you’re saying but there is Acquisition as well.

      1) cash payout on acquisition historically is much more as it’s based on sell price.
      2) some companies when acquired by public company will convert options to stock of public company

      There is more potential upside than just IPO. IPO is typically the 3rd option in order of likeliness for startups.

      I really looked at all of these components before I joined and when doing my risk analysis, Blink was worth the change from Amazon. But that’s just me and my opinion.
      Aug 4
    • Amazon nshkd92
      Thanks for the explanation, llop and pyjavatme. Appreciate it !
      Aug 4
  • Amazon stiv6547
    Thanks for information from both sides. I've decided to accept the offer from Blink health !
    Aug 3 0
  • Amazon stiv6547
    I had a good interview experience. A bit unusual thing is that one question involved concurrency and async processing.
    Other than that, they were leetcode medium to hard and a usual system design problem. Someone had posted a an interview experience on lc and one of the questions was a repeat of that.
    All the best !
    Aug 18 0
  • Amazon SeaTac2
    Join blink - good cause ... ur financial risk is zero at this point .
    Aug 18 0
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    • Google rthjk
      I am curious too, op’s cash offer is very good.
      Sep 25
    • I worked at blink health.
      They pay a lot because they have to. Definitely do not work there...
      Oct 14
  • New Oxat11
    Read this and decide for yourself.

    If I were you, I would pay attention to the Glassdoor reviews about the toxic culture. Be careful.
    Aug 2 2
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  • Amazon cbaz123
    While verbally discussing their initial offer was a bit on the lower side. They bumped it up in the next sentence :)
    Sep 25 0
  • Microsoft wogntk
    Hi OP, can you describe your interview experience at Uipath? I have an onsite with them.
    Aug 18 0


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