Blockchain Internships

New JXOu54
Sep 11 8 Comments

Anyone know any major companies offering internships in the blockchain space? I have a moderate degree of experience in the field, i just don’t know where to look.

Referrals would be appreciated :)


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  • Microsoft / Product oxnwocj
    Having a Coinbase account is not “moderate experience”
    Sep 11 2
    • New JXOu54
      Haha I am actually part of a club at my school that does consulting for Fortune 500 companies in the blockchain space and have developed several applications built on public and enterprise blockchains :)
      Sep 11
    • Twitch / Eng T83nu9e9
      Microsoft is jealous cause he can't even figure out how to download the coin base app
      Sep 11
  • Synchrony ————
    Block chain is dead. Move on.
    Sep 11 3
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