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Rackspace wRik42
Oct 30 8 Comments

Are Data analysts and Software Engineers considered the same and have a same pay at Bloomberg? I heard Data Analysts are not offered the same pay as Software Engineers. But not really sure. Appreciate some insught into this.


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  • Bloomberg aJwI87
    Bloomberg is a software company. Data analysts are second-class citizens here.
    Oct 30 1
  • Bloomberg tesco
    Data analyst I imagine is part of global data. Way less than engineering
    Oct 30 0
  • New YQQN10
    Analytics usually paid less
    Oct 30 0
  • Data analysts are paid much less than software engineer. They are like little gnomes working underground out of everyone's sight. Nobody cares about them.
    Nov 1 0
  • Rackspace wRik42
    Oct 31 0
  • Bloomberg F.U. Money
    Analysts are paid quite a bit less. Engineers start at 160k with no prior experience. After 3 years become seniors automatically and average over 200k. Then after a few years leave and join FAANG for 350+k.
    Oct 30 0
  • Rackspace wRik42
    Oh. Interesting.
    Oct 30 0


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