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DC Government
Dec 5, 2018 7 Comments

Anyone ever work for Blue Origin? Just wondering the requirements or the type of people that they are looking for.

I work for the Department of Defense in Aerospace, working in quality program management for the F-35 and NASA. Just wondering if that would be enough to get looked at.


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  • Blue Origin / Eng maverix
    We’re hiring like crazy! And we often hire relevant experiences! Definitely apply to positions where your skills align, you have high chances of getting an interview bc all the engineers are spread pretty thin and we need to ramp. One thing to keep note when you interview is to highlight the importance of lessons learned. This is what we emphasize, knowledge sharing and minimizing future mistakes.
    Jul 12 2
    • Lockheed Martin / R&D vxos
      What’s your TC? Considering submitting an app :)
      Aug 2
    • Blue Origin / Eng maverix 🚀
      90, 20k eq/4yrs. 0yoe, mech.
      Aug 5
  • New / QA

    New QA

    DC Government
    Kent, Downtown Seattle, or Renton I’ve heard are some of better places for singles. I am planning on applying for the root cause engineer. Any tips on how you structured your resume, or got an interview there?
    Jan 21 1
    • Tesla tTfQ61
      I’m not an engineer so likely your interview process will be different than mine. I just have typical advice: highlight your strengths, don’t hide a weakness if confronted on it, express a lot of enthusiasm for the company and mission, and good luck! BO is on a hiring clip so they need good people
      Jan 21
  • Tesla tTfQ61
    I’m starting at Blue in Kent WA in Feb. What do I need to know?
    - looking for a rental for single guy
    - pros/cons with company culture
    - etc
    Jan 21 0
  • Tesla tTfQ61
    I don’t work there but sitting on an offer for hire. The initial was pretty weak so waiting to hear back on a counter.

    Background sounds appropriate. Why not apply?
    Jan 5 0


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