BofA Premium Rewards and Chase Sapphire Reserve

Intuit Cold5
Feb 11 17 Comments

Is it worth it to get the Premium Rewards for a Platinum Honors customer if they already have the Chase Sapphire Reserve and travel moderately?


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  • Oracle HAX72
    Sapphire Reserve is a waste of money, just do Sapphire Preferred
    Feb 11 2
    • Salesforce rbfjtkfn
      Not true, reality is that CSR costs you $150/year and if you travel at least few times / year you will make it back by using lounges.
      Feb 11
    • Google hurgundy
      +1 on CSR being well worth it
      Feb 13
  • LinkedIn / Eng bored🐷
    BofA Premium Rewards is a good card that gives 3.5% on dining and travel and 2.625% cash back on everything else.

    However, I used it too much and I was shut down by BofA🤷‍♂️ and lost all rewards that were not redeemed on that card.
    Feb 11 5
    • Qualtrics aJOl73
      Wtf they can do that? How much were you spending?
      Feb 11
    • LinkedIn / Eng bored🐷
      I was buying some expensive hobby-related products. Probably spent 100K in one month. They promptly shut down my account and took away around $2600 worth of cash back.
      Feb 11
    • Amazon heyyeh
      They must have thought it was manufactured spend.

      Nothing like that happened to me but I have noticed BoA is the most trigger happy with fraud detecting. Every time I go somewhere new they decline transactions and text me. Takes only a second to respond to the text but it's aggressive and annoying to get the initial decline.

      Throw down my nice black card to impress the ladies and then it's "sorry sir but your card has been declined". (Actually the only lady is my wife as she's never that impressed, but makes for a better story)
      Feb 11
    • LinkedIn / Eng bored🐷
      Chase gives you 30 days to redeem your rewards if they decide to shut down your account.

      Bank of America shuts down your card without notice and confiscates your rewards anytime they want.
      Feb 11
    • LinkedIn / Eng bored🐷
      Yeah, it’s sort of like MS. I won’t go into too much details. But I am going to sue BofA soon.
      Feb 11
  • Amazon Wayne
    Chase Reserve, Freedom and Freedom Unlimited is a deadly combo to have. Even without all 3 cards, Reserve’s benefits alone far exceed that of BofA premium.
    Feb 11 3
    • Qualcomm dynasty001
      The Chase Trifecta!
      Feb 11
    • Facebook cyFl53
      Fourfecta if you add Ink (if you can get one)
      Feb 11
    • Qualcomm dynasty001
      I actually use the CSR, CFU and Uber Visa
      Feb 11
  • Amazon oMBQ18
    I don’t think reseve is waste for 50$ extra you can rake up more travel points
    Feb 11 0
  • Amazon / Eng tylium
    Get the uber card way better and no annual fee.
    Feb 11 0
  • Bank of America Yaab78
    I’m pretty sure the bofa cards are no good?
    Feb 22 0
  • Microsoft Influencer
    Priority pass from reserved alone is worth 70-80$ for one trip. Effective fees is 150$ only, it isn’t a bad deal
    Feb 11 0