Boston HW Physical Design TC

Apple pKER37
Mar 8 6 Comments

Current TC: ~260k
YOE: 15

Relocating back to the Boston area and trying to get an idea what to expect for TC at some of the companies in the area (Intel, AMD, Marvell, Synopsys, etc..) in a senior role (Grade 8/9, MTS/SMTS, ?(don't know what marvel levels are), 68/69, etc..)


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  • Intel / Eng intelifer
    This is grade 8 breakdown . I believe with 15 years experience you have a decent chance to aim for grade 9.
    But probably ICT 4 equivalent would be grade 8 and ICT 5 equivalent would be grade 9
    Mar 9 1
    • Apple pKER37
      Thanks, that’s helpful.
      Mar 9
  • Intel / Eng intelifer
    What’s your current TC breakdown. Is this in the Bay Area? And what ic level is it .
    If you move to Intel with 15 years exp, you can expect 150/35/30 around 215K in Boston .
    Mar 9 2
    • Apple pKER37
      Yes, current TC is in Bay Area, breakdown for last year.
      Base: 175k
      Bonus: 15k
      RSU: 70k

      Is that breakdown for Intel at Grade 8 or 9?
      Mar 9
    • Apple pKER37
      current ICT4
      Mar 9
  • Samsung EternalACT
    Good luck getting 35k a year in RSU at Intel gr9. That means consistently sl1 and the occasional sl2.
    Mar 10 0


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