Boston, MA - Please evaluate this offer

SAS / Eng kingeric
Mar 12 6 Comments

180k base+ 15% bonus+ 100k stock (25k each year), around 40k signing plus relo

Company - Salesforce
Title: Senior Software Engineer , 11 yrs exp


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Salesforce oxgx23
    With 11 yoe you should push for LMTS, being here over a year I’m shocked how many people with over 7 years exp they talk into accepted senior positions
    Mar 12 4
    • Salesforce oxgx23
      And if they give you LMTS 180 base and at least 150 stock over 4 years
      Mar 12
    • SAS / Eng kingeric
      Mar 12
    • Salesforce oxgx23
      No problem, best of luck with the negotiations
      Mar 12
    • Salesforce / Mgmt GQch66
      Try getting acquired. You get to be an SMTS with 10+ yoe working with an LMTS in SF with 7 yoe.
      Mar 13
  • Google / Eng
    chum lee

    Google Eng

    chum leemore
    They should triple your stock with 11 yoe.
    Mar 12 0