Box vs Atlassian

Citrix Systems Vic Vic
Jan 15 10 Comments

Exploring opportunities with Atlassian and Box for EM role, any idea about growth, culture and comp on both the companies?


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  • LinkedIn / Eng NaNaYaYa
    Jan 15 2
  • Box is pretty relaxed, if you like work-life balance then I would seriously consider box
    Jan 15 2
    • AppDynamics / Eng software g
      Box provides free Caltrain passes for employees which helps folks living in SF and South Bay. What about folks in East Bay? Does Box have shuttle for East Bay folks?
      Jan 18
    • Box vanbear
      We don’t have shuttles, but there’s a commuter benefits/subsidy program you can enroll in and use for transit or parking.
      Jan 18
  • Microsoft phuzed
    Don't know about Box. But I interviewed with Atlassian (in the Bay area) and the experience was subpar. Average talent. Over if the interviewers challenged me on particular API during a design round (and went on to ridiculous ridicule me). I told her that I am not certain but fairly confident, because remembering APIs on to of your head should not be a requirement. After the interviews I checked and I was right. It's ok to not know, but it is dangerous to not know and not acknowledge.
    Jan 15 1
    • Atlassian jplggc
      That’s unfortunate. Sorry to hear that.
      Jan 15
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • Atlassian !available
      Whats the tech stack at Box?
      Jan 17
  • Atlassian jplggc
    Just look at the stock price
    Jan 15 0


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