Break news about pregnancy at work

First Republic / Eng tadaaaa
May 25 19 Comments

When should I reveal that I am pregnant at workplace? Consider that i dont show up much belly bump and want to delay it as much as I can?


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  • Amazon snxbenaks
    Wait until at least 8 months in
    May 25 4
    • NetApp dybfjn
      jerks like this person has caused really hard for women to survive in tech
      May 25
    • Amazon snxbenaks
      That OR I’m providing the extreme wrong thing to do as a sarcastic perspective to help inform the proper decision
      May 25
    • Spotify fladseko
      tbh it wasn’t obvious
      May 25
    • /s
      May 25
  • Twitter hodgesodge
    Whenever you want, no ones business but your own. Just adhere to any policies for maternity leave application etc.
    May 25 0
  • Republic wsmo34
    I’d give it three months, mainly because the first trimester can be rocky and you might just want to worry about adjusting and personal health. Also in case you are older, you will be in a higher risk category. Prep for work etc can always come a bit later. Congratulations :)
    May 25 0
  • Netflix enjoylyfe
    We lost a kid around 4 months and it was awful. So now I only tell after 24 weeks (once baby is viable).
    Jul 1 4
    • NetApp jrguvfg
      So sorry for your loss
      Jul 2
    • First Republic / Eng bazoooka🧨
      Sorry to hear that, are you female though? Theybsaybit starts showing up at 20 weeks
      Jul 2
    • LinkedIn rudeagency
      Haha I was showing by 13 weeks, I couldn’t really hide it at that point.
      Jul 3
    • Netflix enjoylyfe
      Yes, female. I wear loose clothes and try to hide as much as possible. My co-workers might guess but I confirm only after 24 weeks.
      Jul 4
  • NetApp dybfjn
    I don’t know exactly when but at least wait till 3 months to disclose
    May 25 1
    • Roku


      Why 3 months? Why not 4?
      May 26
  • Gap / Eng randUser
    We have had two previous team members who got pregnant. (They eventually quit after pregnancy because they wanted to stay at home, don't blame them at all)

    But half of us knew by the second month or so. Pretty obvious with certain changes of behavior, eating patterns, drinking habits, etc. Unfortunately us coworkers are always nosey
    May 25 0
  • Microsoft naaag
    Once you know and confirmed all that all is healthy for baby n mother. Earlier you inform it build the trust with manager. You can take the paternity leave as per your management with your body etc. Doesn't matter
    May 26 0
  • Cisco SFXH32
    If it’s a good place and a comfortable place for you any day, day 1 even is just as good as 3 months in or whatever. You should feel confident and comfortable telling anyone when you’re ready. Otherwise I would question if the company is good for you.
    May 25 0
  • First Republic / Eng tuku
    Just not sure, had couple of miscarriages and also dont want to give too much time for thinking to boss as it will impact the kind aof work assigned to me
    May 25 0
  • LinkedIn worangelo
    Why don’t you want to tell them? Seems hard to hide all the doctor appointments. But it totally depends on what your work situation is like and what kind of relationship you have with your boss and coworkers.
    May 25 0