Breaking into Tech

Honeywell ja7955
Oct 1 3 Comments

Looking to get into tech. Have a strong project management and ops / supply chain background. I dont even know where to start or how to do it, but I feel a strong calling towards tech and want to get involved and transition my career. What are some good first steps to doing this?


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  • F5 Networks RRA
    Suggest you get your foot in the door at a tech company, in IT or Support or whatever. Then network internally while getting some experience under your belt.

    Or, you can move internally at Honeywell to their IT shop, or a more tech-y team. And then move to another company.
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  • Qualcomm / Eng

    Qualcomm Eng

    Intel Corporation
    can you write code
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    • Honeywell ja7955
      Yeah, I've got foundational Python experience but with no real work projects. I've got a decently strong SQL background.
      Oct 1


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