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New tTOG60
Nov 16 5 Comments

Have on-site with Brex in the coming weeks. Front end engineer position in NYC. Flying me to Bay area for the interview but will be based in NYC

They're going on a big hiring push for NYC office. I know they have the comp deal where you can take all cash, or your split of cash / stocks.

What range should I plan to be in. Have heard 200-250K Anyone had an offer recently or been through negotiations?

4YOE - Current TC 140K + Bonus


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  • Lyft zimgreen
    Front end should pay just as well as back end.
    Nov 16 0
  • New / Eng RudeCow
    I can't imagine they are going to hire in the 200-250k range for front end. If you were a back end engineer with experience with elixir (their back end language) then maybe. But otherwise that's a bit high probably. Good luck though.
    Nov 16 1
    • Weedmaps AUFy44
      Why do you say that? Front end generally pays equal to or only slightly lower than back end these days.
      Nov 16
  • Brex WsDJ21
    Should definitely be above 200k given 4yoe
    Nov 20 1
    • New tTOG60
      Thanks. Any tips for preparing for interview process?
      Nov 20


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