Bringing dogs at work @ Google

Google Search!
Jun 8 18 Comments

Does Google Mountain View office allow dogs on a regular basis?

If yes, generally speaking are your coworkers okay with it?

And is there a dog care offered by Google?


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  • Pinterest pinhello
    Yes, it’s pretty easy. I think a lot of people love dogs at work.

    It’s unfortunate for the allergic minority to have their health impacted though. I know people who felt uncomfortable since it caused allergies though they pretend to like dogs lol There’s also those who can die from an asthma attack triggered by dog allergens who usually avoid dog friendly buildings. It’s sad that people only can go into certain building without harming their health due to a pet...not a work related reason.

    ...also pretty crazy how a dog can just take a massive shit at a work place. I am shocked every time I see it
    Jun 8 16
    • New / Design Yesterday-
      Jun 9
    • Clover Health sses
      So? Now you just seem borderline obsessive.
      Jun 9
    • Pinterest vibfhv
      anaphylaxis has a much shorter time periods for people to save their own life. Asthma deaths often happen at the hospital since it’s slowly letting a person suffocate to death. Overall, arguing over this is not helpful as much as recognizing that this is a big health issue that can lead to very negative health consequences.
      Jun 9
    • New / Design Yesterday-
      I’m actually being treated for manic depression, social anxiety with ocd tendencies so I guess you could say I do get a bit obsessive.
      Jun 9
    • Clover Health sses
      Agree with @relprime. That struggle is real, too.
      Jun 9
  • Yahoo blpwhr
    No dogs at work, please.
    Jul 9 0