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MGM Resorts

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Jan 8 3 Comments

If you were tasked with finding 10,000 new products to add to Amazon, how would you go about finding which products to add? 
What will be the answer?


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  • New / HR

    New HR

    Tech recruiter @indeed
    I’m certain this question is to gather data on your ability to fulfill Amazon leadership principles. In this example they’re probably looking for:
    1. Customer obsession
    2. Think big
    3. Have back bone and commit

    So, I’d think of a new or current amazon product skewed towards enhancing the users experience, either by saving time, or money, etc. Then, think about how to scale, and what it means for the business. Next , provide the data or ask the right questions to gather the data to back your idea. Finally, set benchmarks, and timelines for each phase, identify road blocks, challenges, and the resources needed to develop and deploy.
    Jan 8 1
    • McMaster-Carr AjQQ27
      Re customer obsession: most obvious would be use search data to find the missing products. What else?
      Jan 8
  • Instacart iiis67
    Doesn’t matter as long as you substantiate your claims with data
    Jan 8 0